実施時期 2015.9〜
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U-turn and I-turn to local city are remarkable as relocating campaign is active in the big city as the local group. However, such a campaign has various problems, for example telling only good point there like ‘the meal there is delicious’ ‘people there are kind’, community, transportation, and so on.


People themselves decided to relocate by seeing actually the place about both good and bad points. This is absolutely the real relocating matching, isn’t it? If they get the only one side of information without having this point of view, they will have trouble after relocating, they will have the gap against their gap, or they will be damaged.


‘UI-turn’ is the project to tell the local as it is though ‘talk events’ or ‘meet up’ and provide the material for their decision. At the first meetup, we invited Yoshie Shigemitsu of Ajisen Ramen and Sadasue Shingo of Kamakura shirt adviser as the guests in Kumamoto. We invited the guests from Iwaki, Kamakura, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka in Mita Tokyo.

We will have it every half an year in Kumamoto or Tokyo.